3 comments on “One Up, 1 x 10, 42 Tooth Conversion–Updated with Ride Impressions

  1. I totally agree with this report.i did exactly the same set up on my norco revolver 2 29er.junked out everything on the front ,replaced front ring with a 32t raceface narrow wide.one up 42t on back removed 17t as the instructions plainly said.kept the same long cage rear mech took no links out of chain.didnt need to adjust rear mech.done plenty of miles on it now i love it.cost me £75 in total.a far cheaper option than sram xo or xx1.ive even shifted my dropper button as you described top tip thanks.

    • Hi Julien,

      After a lot more Km on the 42 tooth setup, I found the jump between gears with the 17t Removed and bit awkward and as the drivetrain wears in a bit, the shifting lower on the cassette suffers wit the increased pulley to cog distance. One-up addressed this with the 16 T cog now included and the available RADr cage. Both of those additions make the drivetrain feel like factory new and sifts just like it should throughout its life.

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