8 comments on “2015 Transition Patrol Review

  1. you mentioned the weight of the bike, but did not provide a weight figure. how much does it weigh? i’m doubtful that they will offer this bike in carbon personally. as one who is very tall and comes from primarily a 29er background, i find this wheel size much more nimble and better cornering which is a huge benefit in PNW tight single track. i find our trails are just not open enough to consistently exploit the 29er benefits. many disagree with me, but that’s my personal experience. i’m riding my tweener wheeled bike more often.

  2. Hi DJ, Thanks for Commenting! I weighed this bike in at just over 30 lbs on my digital scale. As far as a carbon offering is concerned, I do doubt that we would see this anytime soon from Transition as it requires a whole new engineered design and they may or may not have the resources available. Either way it could stand to lose a bit of weight (frame material or upgraded components) but having said that I had a blast riding it as is. The 29er vs 27.5 debate is in my opinion not a debate at all, its a preference more than anything and based on the specific terrain you like to ride and how you want your bike to handle… There no rules and I like riding both sizes since you encounter different terrain that suits either bike on each ride. There is no question that a 27.5″ wheeled bike will handle “quicker” than a larger wheel, all else being equal. I had traditionally preferred the larger wheels for obstacles and really nastly climbs… I did however order a new 160/150 mm travel 27.5″ bike for this year 🙂


  3. Hi!

    I was wondering if you could tell me your height and the size of the bike? i’m very interested to buy this bike but at 5’10.5″ i fall between sizes and i’m a bit afraid that the large size with its 1210mm wheelbase would be a bit too much for my riding (european alpine terrain) yet the medium size a bit too tight in the cockpit.

    Thanks a lot!


    • HI Christian,

      I am just under 6′ tall with average torso and inseam proportions. The bike I tested is a size large with the Wheelbase at 1210 mm and the effective top tube of 613 mm. I personally pay more attention to the chainstay length and the ETT measurement than just the overall Wheelbase when looking at bike sizes. For me this size felt just right with a 50 mm stem. Any shorter in the top tube would be too cramped for me, especially on climbs. You are right, you are on the size overlap on the Transition chart based only on overall height. This is the downside to these basic charts. They can be misleading if you have longish legs. That is why they have a “region” of fit. Depending on how long you like to run your stem length, you can likely be fine on either size. Try and compare the ETT and CS measurements on the Patrol to your existing bike and see where that lands you–assuming you are comfortable on your existing bike. I personally would default to the larger size.


      • Hi Jeff!

        Thanks a lot for your information! i’m coming from a rather cross-country-ish felt virtue 2 size M
        and the horizontal top tube there is 587mm plus a 100mm stem. and i tought alwas it’s slightly too small for me. The large Patrol with its shorter stem is still more compact than the felt but overall a bigger bike. I’m a bit afraid of the long wheelbase in tight switchbacks. the wheelbase is almost 110mm longer on the large Patrol. i did som extensive research and even made a spreadsheet to compare geometry numbers and i’m also aware that those are completely different types of bikes. The problem is i can’t test ride one as there are no shops neaby who sell transition and because of swiss franc – euro relation (swiss national bank just removed the cap it had in place to prevent the Swiss franc from rising too high against the euro) i need to buy it now because the prices are just too amazing! But as you said, i probably go with a large and if its too long, i’m gonna switch to a 30mm stem…

        Thanks again!


  4. Hi.

    My ankles would hit the chain stays on hard efforts out of the saddle. This happened often enough to be an issue and I ended up with bruises. -> what do you mean? Is the width of chain stay too large for you not to hit the chain stay while you are standing over the saddle?

    • Hi Choi, under normal pedalling, its all good, just sometimes when I would stand and hammer out of the saddle when the bike is leaned over back and forth my ankles would hit. Due to a combination of the swingarm width/shape and my pedal float. I do not believe this would happen to all riders.

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