13 comments on “2015 Transition Trans-AM 29er Review

  1. What frame size did you go with? Im interested myself. Inseam and Height as well would be cool.


    • I bought a size large. Im 6′ with longish legs. These fit very long in the top tube and I could have gone with a medium as well. Id prob switch to a 50 mm stem from the 70 mm I used in the large frame size.

    • hi guys,bought one xl,i m 6.2″with long legs and its great for me,40 mn stem,pike 140,works really well with the frame geo…happy riding

  2. I got one of these a few weeks ago. 29er in dark gray metallic. Its a beauty of a bike and I’m really enjoying it. I’m 6′ and I’m riding a large frame with a 45mm stem and a 785mm bar. I find its a great fit. I also have a reverb on mine which is a great upgrade for it.

  3. How is your tire clearance?
    The Transition webpage claims a max tire size of 2.3 for the Trans-AM, yet you seem to be running 2.4 Ardents.

    • Hi Andrew. I ran 2.4 ARdents on Stans Arch EX Rims with no trouble. I don’t have a pic of the clearance, but i did not have issues with rubbing or debris getting drawn through in muddy conditions. Wider rims could significantly widen the tires footprint and close the gap. Manufacturers really should list the rim width with the max tire width, that would be more helpful.


  4. Hi guys, I’m looking forward to receive my TransAM XL frame in the next 2 months. What do you think about installing an angle set to slacken the head angle for another 1 degree together with a 130 mm or 140 mm fork? There is a EC44/EC44 type headset available made from Works Components in UK. EC type headset will raise the front for about 13 mm. Head angle will be 66 degrees with 130 mm fork (unsagged) and 65,6 degrees with 140 mm fork. Your opinion is appreciated! Thank you.

    • Hi Daniel, Sounds like it is worth a try and the Angleset is not a big commitment since you can adjust it to 0 degrees if you don’t like the adjustment range. I personally would not run that bike in that slack of a mode since the bike will suffer too much on climbing and feel really lazy (slow) in tight turns. I would just run a fork in straight 140 mode and let it rip.

      • Thank you for your reply! I ride a 29er full suspension bike with a head angle around 67 degrees and I absolutely love it. In my eyes, a hardtail with the fork at the sag position will have a 2-3 degrees steeper head angle than at the geometry chart. Because of this I would like to slack the head angle a bit more, to have real 67-68 degrees when sitting on the bike.

  5. Jeff
    did you have any issue when installing the XT shadow+ rear derailleur? I tried to assembly it on a 27,5 TransAm but the cable holder interferes with the 42 cogs (E-13) in the cassette and nearly touches the 36 cog.

    • If the B-tension screw is not adjusted enough, there is a bit of interference. Once it was dialled, it did not interfere on my set-up…There are two different styles of that XT derailleur and they differ in the B link…maybe check which link style yours has, I think the DH one is a different angle and does not accommodate the larger cassette as easily…

      • Hi, thanks for reply.
        I was not aware that there are two styles of XT rear d, mine is M786-SGS and it was the only one available for purchase. Don’t which could be the other.

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