5 comments on “2015 Rocky Mountain Altitude 790 MSL Rally Edition Review

  1. Sweet review, I’m considering getting one of these. I work at a shop that deals rocky and one of my co workers recently got one of these. What she did though is that she mounted a water bottle on the outside water bottle cage mounts on the down tube which means you could mount any size water bottle but of course its not an ideal position to have something you are going to be drinking out of. But its an option, I have seen this done on a few santa cruz’s aswell

    • Thanks Yannick. Yes, definitly that is an option but i dont even consider it much anymore because it is so awkward and unreliable to have a bottle down there. Maybe your friend found a decent cage that actually holds a bottle in the rough stuff.

  2. hey Jeff. how would you compare this bike to the Patrol you rode? is that review to be found on your website as well? thanks, James

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for reading. First off the Patrol review is here:

      And comparing the two bikes, in short form, The Rocky is a more capable and versatile machine as spec’d. I also prefer the Fox 36 set up at 160 mm as is on the Rally Edition. The SRAM X01 drivetrain also on the Rocky is hard to beat. By more versatile I mean that the geometry is adjustable that allows a more snappy climber vs a capable descender from one extreme on the adjustment range to the other. The Rocky is also a fair bit lighter (over 2 lbs) from the Patrol I demo’d.
      Comparing the numbers, besides weight I look at:

      Head Tube Angle: Patrol 65 Degrees, Altitude Rally 66.2 to 67.8
      Effective Top Tube (large: Patrol 613 mm, Altitude Rally 606 mm
      Reach: Patrol 457 mm, Altitude Rally 422-440 mm
      Chainstay Length: Patrol 413 mm, Altitude Rally 428 mm

      The Patrol uses a more “trendy” long Reach, short(ish) chain stay geometry. They both can be set up very well for any rider suited to the capabilities and intended application of these bikes. I have put months worth of riding on the Altitude and am extremely comfortable on it in all types of terrain.

      I would say try them both, but for me, I would say if cost is not an issue, go with the Rocky as you can get a carbon layup and a nicer parts spec (note that it looks like the Patrol is available in Carbon next year!), but since cost is not an issue in this argument, you can put whatever flash parts you want on it, and we are really comparing frames. And besides, Rocky’s are Canadian, Just like me!

  3. hey Jeff. thanks for the comparison. i have the Transition Smuggler and love it. it’s at once incredibly stable and grounded and also super nimble and playful. my 3rd 29er and best by a good margin. i run a 140 xfusion fork on it and am considering a new fox 36 talas set at 130 (stock) and 150 for the ultimate in versatility and all round burly descending.

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