5 comments on “Install How to: ARB Awning on a Four Wheel Camper

  1. Great modification. I stumbled upon your blog and completed the same project today on my Granby. How is yours holding up?

    • Hi Todd, the tubing came from my local industrial parts supply place. They have a small steel yard as well with a selection of aluminum extrusions.

  2. Hi Jeff, Nice writeup. The only one of its kind on the interwebs. I’m hoping to do something very similar to my Hawk. Can you tell me why you chose not to mount the awning in its current location and not all the way to the top of the sidewall please? I’m curious what you found as you looked into this mounting option. I was hoping to mount it right on the wall without the box tubing, but you did state that you wanted to be able to remove the awning and not have holes in the sidewall. Thanks!

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