2 comments on “2016 Rocky Mountain Bicycles Instinct 990 MSL BC Edition

  1. hi, nice review,clean and straight to essential. I ride an altitude rally Medium at the moment and could probably benefit riding an L for more stability on the down (when really engaged and fast) and more room for climbing while keeping a 40~ 50mm stem, ( on M using a 60mm stem it’s ok but i tried a 70mm which was better for climbing but a little less in control on the down)
    I intend to move to an instinct after trying a 29er hardtail and liked the bigger wheels. My concern is about sizing, had the opportunity to seat (not ride) on a Instinct M and it felt even shorter than the altitude (same stem length, fore aft saddle position). I rather go for a large in term of stretch but wonder about it being too long (wheelbase) and ride like a super tanker especially with the long chainstay.
    Was your altitude a Large also as your instinct and how did the fit compare?
    For slow tech stuff and the place i ride (steep but no super fast) i feel the altitude as a great allrounder and easy bike, i use it more like a burly trail bike as it climbs and descend equally well rather than a more downhill oriented bike for which i have a GG megatrail (fantastic as a mini DH), how would you describe or compare the instinct to the altitude in term of handling in slow tech, and in general?
    Thanks for reading down to the bottom and giving me some hints. In Hong Kong where i currently live the local scene is not keen on 29ers(the guys are short and the bike shop in majority sell the bikes one size down for better maneovrabilty, ridiculous all guys ride cramped on their bike )so it’s difficult to get proper advices, or test rides. I had no better luck at contacting RM canada which i felt the guy response was not very helpfull.



    • HI Cedric,

      Both my bikes are size large. The reach on the Instinct is around 20 mm shorter than the Altitude and the HTT is 600mm vs 606mm. The Instinct definitely feels tighter in the cockpit but only slightly. I run the altitude in the full slack ride 9 position and the Instinct in the centre position. This setting also affects the reach of the frames as you can see in the specs. Instinct is a much better climber and better handling on tech slow trails, the Altitude has much more descending prowess. Ride what you feel is comfortable for you and don’t let the local shop tell you what you want.



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