Jeff Riemer, P.Eng

Squamish, British Columbia


7 comments on “Contact

  1. Jeff, really want to try Nitinat to Tsusiat Falls tour?
    Did you rent the iSup Tour boards?,where from?

    Also can you break down how many days this took you and where you camped?
    If you were to do over , any changes to that?

    • Hi Andy, thanks for the comments. We all bought the boards for the trip. They are sold locally from Valhalla Pure. I would not change a thing if we did it again. All together it was 3 nights, first morning we paddled accross Nitinat and portaged to Hobiton. We then paddled to Hitchie creek campsite on Hobiton night one. Day two we paddled the length of hobiton and portaged to Tsusiat lake them paddled then length of Tsusiat. We then hiked to the west coast and camped on the beach at Tsusiat falls night 2. The third day we made our way back to the Hitchie camp site on Hobiton. The fourth day we made it back to the car across nitinat. The format was an out and back.


  2. Thanks very much for your timely response.

    Thought you might after camping at Tsusiat hike south on WCT to Nitinat Narrows (Portage), have some fresh crab and a beer there (we met Carl earlier this year when we hiked the WCT south to north)
    Then paddle all the down Nitinat Lake home

    • Ha, no its a 6km hike from there to Nitinat with 70 lbs of gear and one ill fitting pack or two trips and 24 km round trip. We did not want to get caught on Nitiniat in the wimd. From what we can tell most groups doing the “triangle” proper trade canoes with groups at the Narrows and do not portage that section…

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